For tens of thousands of years images were used as spiritual communication and magic. They have been painted and scratched into cave ceilings and walls often created by the shamans of the community. Later in history, murals were created to tell biblical stories on the walls and ceilings of the greatest cathedrals and churches, as well as the royal courts.

Mural painting has continued to thrive and is a very beautiful and elegant way to decorate a wall or ceiling. Murals can serve multiple purposes. As a professional artist and designer I have the background and experience  to create the shapes, colors, textures, light value and form combined with the subject or theme to make mural successful.

With experience and skill, I bring a high degree of quality to my mural projects.  I offer the design and painting of murals for residential, corporate, non-profit and public purposes, nationwide. I work with my clients on creating visual communication solutions on a large scale that bring attention to their space and provide them with a creative way to bring their message to public.

For my residential clients, I produce everything from small bedroom murals in your home to murals that cover every square inch of a large room. My work is either painted on-site at your location or off-site and later installed.

Buddha of a Pure Land mural

( 30 sq meters)

Client:  Inti Holistico, Playa del Carmen, Mexico 2013

Buddha of Pure Land Mural

Green Tara mural

( 6 sq meters)
Client:  Caravan store, Playa del Carmen, Mexico 2013

Green Tara Mural

Flying Dakini mural

( 15 sq meters)
Client: Caravan store, Playa del Carmen, Mexico 2014



Flying Dakinis mural

Flying Dakinis mural 1

Green Tara mural

( 6 sq meters)
Client: The Hermitage Retreat Center, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 2016


Kava Kasa logo mural

( 2sq meters)
Client: Kava Kasa cafe, Playa del Carmen, Mexico 2015

Nataraja mural

( 2sq meters)
Client: Yoga loft, Playa del Carmen, Mexico 2015

Shiva Yoga Loft